9 about hair care everyone thought is ' truth'

Regular hair tails trimmed not help hair grow faster as people thought.

1. Prune regularly make hair grow hair faster

The truth: the factors that determine the speed of hair regrowth is hormones and it will not be affected whether you trimmed the hair or not. However, the hair care experts still recommend trimmed about 1 cm/month to remove hair tails split and splintered limited alopecia areata.

2. Shampoo twice do scalp cleaner

The truth: just wash hair thoroughly once is enough. Use the shampoo and discharge too much will do fly dye, hair drier, and more fiber.

3. Tail split ends can recover with appropriate care products

The truth: once the hair has been badly damaged tail, split, dried, then snapped the only workarounds are cut away. The professional hair care products contain silicon can temporarily restore the tail hair in a short time but could not pay back the original healthy hair fibers.

4. Use alternating several more hair shampoo

The truth: the use of alternating shampoo that does not bring to the real performance difference for the hair. You just select a favorite category for that.

5. Stress the early silver hairdressing

The truth: not yet official studies have concluded the stress will do the silver hair appear sooner in young people. Early silver hair is still known by the 2 main causes are genetics and disease.

6. Unable to straight hair but still thick, floating

The truth: Use maximum hair book of the lot in about 5 minutes before going outside. When straightening hair, you will have naturally straight hair that very floating.

7. Shampoo with cool water hair shinier

The truth: there are many ways to make your hair sleek but cold water certainly is not the effective way.

8. Hair dye cause severe harm to the hair

The truth: according to hair care specialist Kingsley, the prestigious hair dye products were to be improved with the most friendly components, less harm to the hair. Even some more nutritional products also help the hair dye is finished smooth than not dyed.

9 about hair care everyone thought is ' truth'

9. Brush the hair multiple times each day to keep fine hair

The truth: a brief history should only be used to create the model and remove tangled hair, comb the hair as much then as brittle hair will fall out.

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