Amsterdam – the city of the interesting things

Every city in Europe ever come across are left in me a different emotion. Paris charming, Berlin, Madrid, Amsterdam’s own has something very, very hard to describe. A city with interesting things that only when placed in Amsterdam, it is new that looks incredible, unique.

City of canals

Amsterdam has over 160 canals-a figure no small bit. To Amsterdam, the first thing that impressed me the most is that the interlaced in the downtown area. On the banks of the Canal are the high-roof houses typical of the Netherlands lies san side, peaceful ball down smooth water flow. They are built from the seventeenth century and still preserved till the present time.

The city of the bike

Anyone can say to Amsterdam that “this is the city of bikes!” Anywhere you can also see the presence of a regular bicycle. Airport construction on the Canal, built the restaurant’s front car, built car in the central square. Adults, older people, young children … all of the cycling, even the pets are also carrying on a bicycle.
When the slow bike rides through narrow streets along the canals, you will have a pleasant experience when exploring the city in a different angle. However, you need to watch carefully when parking at a place by the ratio of the stolen bike in Amsterdam is currently very high.

The city of the unique Museum

For those who love the Museum Amsterdam will not disappoint them. Over 50 museums for all ages about every topic: painting, religion, cuisine. Science, engineering, and even more sex!
In particular, you can visit Anne Frank’s house where the Jewish girl hiding with his family and wrote the famous Anna Frank’s diary during World War II to a deeper understanding of the lives of the Jews in Europe during the dark years.

Shopping City

Can say Amsterdam is full of brands in the world, from budget items to luxury goods. In addition, the item’s designer boutique or the craft store is also a tourist attraction.

Amsterdam – the city of the interesting things

The city of wooden shoes

This is a souvenir that almost visitors would also buy when coming to the Netherlands. The city flooded with traditional wooden shoes, from the wooden shoe or little porcelain to the shoes that you can go in the House, even a giant shoe for you to sit on the photo shoot … Next to the tulips and windmills, wooden shoes also is a symbol of the country of the Netherlands.

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