Cheap for treating your ance at home

The tiny ices in the refrigerator not only had the effect of the drink turned out to be the kind of skin care cosmetics “super cheap” and “super safe”. We refer to the way more acne treatment and skin care with ice!

Acne summer makes the face look so awful, we red swelling up, to cause pain and can even ready to break at any time. Let’s placate resistance to Acne spots by stone coated in a thin towel and put on the skin to be acne in 5-10 minutes. Note do not direct relief rocks onto the skin as this may harm the skin acne.

Ice astringent snugly pores

“Everything swells when warming up and shrinks when cooled”. Don’t be afraid to use cold stone onto the DAB, in combination with the massage movements on each side, this will help make these snug pores on the face, at the same time reduce the Sebaceous substances, reduce the amount of dust and bacteria to penetrate pores, helps you clean the skin more easily without having to face his care.

Prevent skin aging very effectively

Science has certified that we should face the morning by ices are made from the fruits instead of vicissitudes. The Cold Stone burning urination will increase blood circulation, blood, clear away the skin wrinkles, prevent the signs of aging and make your cheeks pink double bunker. It also helps the skin to light up a more natural way. Should be done twice a week.
If you have to rush out of the House in a State of fatigue, less fresh then this is also the fastest way to make your skin look smoother, more smooth and more cheery.

Ice treatment for each type of skin.

You can mix between kicking job with the material, cosmetics from nature such as leaves or results to have a perfect care regimen for your skin. And cold water from the tap should also not be used to make the rock face. Will do much better if stone from boiled water or mineral water, non-carbonated.
Normal skin: Use rice water for making ice, in addition to skin effects, it also whitens the skin. Water rice is rinsed off when cooking rice, let it cool and then put in the icebox. This should keep the ices in the stone no more than 3 days.
Dry skin: dry skin suitable for those rocks are made from leaves, flowers, as well as results. The fruits, the Crimson thorn dandelion’s marvelous material for this skin type. The stone is made as usual and well preserved in time possible. Can make a stone from the juice, preferably the red fruits. Crushed 3 spoons and khoắng are both in 2 cups of boiling water to cool, then take to the water. Stone within 5 days.
Oily skin: oily skin, probably with many kinds of leaves, almost all the types mentioned above can be used, just the thing to add a little fresh cucumber water, a few drops of lemon. But if you use them, the shelf will decrease go 1-2 days.

Cheap for treating your ance at home
Ice made from water tea (black tea and green tea): very good for any skin type daily, if washed by the Bureau of the ice made from a special brewing black tea or green tea water. So to cool the new countries added to the icebox.

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