Help girls to have long legs with these usefull exercises

Please take a moment to perform the following exercises help 5 round butt and long legs you always toned.

Exercise 1: Stand up-sit down

-The posture you sit on a Chair for thighs and legs fused together into a square corner. Both hands grab two dumbbells hands shoulder, eyes looking straight forward.
-Use of the legs and the hips push who stand straight up while his hands still holding weights in on the two shoulders.
Every rhythm of standing up and sitting down together into a set, every training session you make 15 sets to allow for hips and thighs become toned.

Exercise 2: Step on the chair

A) You switch to standing, left foot you put up on the chairs, the legs are straight at the bottom, two-handed drop side natural liquid.
B) Using the force of the legs Flex pushing up on combined to drag the right foot up, then drop the liquid back to the initial position.
Perform 10-15 beats up and down, then change the right foot placed on the seats and continue to perform 10-15 beats for a training session.

Exercises 3: Pull the cord horizontal

-Who stand straight, legs wide open by the shoulder, foot to the left foot, cord through the streets and placed on the floor.
-Use the left foot poles, horizontal pull string right foot to left lungs, then drop back to its original location. The elasticity of the rope will help give the right leg muscles become toned.
Make 20 beats of the feet must then move to perform the exercises with the left foot.

Exercise 4: Against the chair, pull the cord out the back

-Turn the turn to facing the Chair, leaned down, both hands against on the chairs, the commie right foot into the hands of the wire.
-Use the left foot poles, the right foot pulled out behind the pull rope stretch out behind the lungs and then drop back to its original location.
Perform 15 beats stretch out behind, and then to pull the strings with his left foot to repeat as the right leg.

Help girls to have long legs with these usefull exercises

Exercise 5: Barbell push sit on pillows

-Sit up into the chair, feet close together, both hands grab the hand weights placed on two knees.
-Use the force of two foot two nose knees up high off the size, hands still holding weights on two knees.
Make 20 beats weightlifting on the knee when sitting on the bench during a training session.

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