About the Illaoi General

Most of the generals were fitted for their gun or sword or magic or blah blah, but Illaoi took a monstrous deity to the Justice Arena. One is the new devil, she moved slowly but capable of going very strong in any single match, with the offer of a large control region once they have entered the success. And despite the lack of passport close to open conflict, she can still pull the bad souls in far closer and destroy them, adding further products for the international gods Nagakabouros.

The skill of Illaoi


Strong on the end of the match.
Damage fighting the big battles.
The ability to go well.
The fighting of the strong.


Hard to control without effect.
Zhao Hui long time.
When confronted with the General maneuver.

Depend fitted.
Illaoi Supplementary  gems

Red turquoise: 9 physical damage.
Jade Gold: 9 borders.
Emerald Green: 9 next resistance level.
Amethyst: 3 physical damage.

Supplementary tables Illaoi

Allows Illaoi plugins

Variable speed and move the addon for Illaoi general line on at the present time. Also according to you then also allows the optimal plugin?

How to increase skills for Illaoi

Tentacles are Devastating damage skills of Illaoi should be lifted first. Next is the Monitory help for her harsh, can cause massive damage with quite the same capabilities as the surf on to reach the opponent. With truth, the soul should get really strong because only final when in total war. The last technique you get Faith Jumps right level.
Up the street fighter Illaoi on the map

Head start:

Shields Doran, blood, Animal Eyes: 

very safe start with the Gladiator line on.
May also be replaced by engines Doran if you are confident with the ability to play on his body.

Armed sect commune:

The claw of Sterak: very fit with a fighter capable of great damage. Help you in fighting against bear better when being cornered.
The black axe: capable of causing considerable damage with a little blood at the same time reduce feedback.

Here is the equipment for a new General Survey mosaic Illaoi:

The Tentacles have helped propel faster troops must be made Illaoi to climb should take a careful eye socket were too sudden gank.
If the correct location near the Tentacles combined Illaoi skills can be very painful.
Illaoi can beat the General movement close by the Monitory harsh and Devastating Tentacles.
With the challenge to help her, Soul may withdraw blood of the enemy though he had run away.
In fighting Illaoi need to keep good position to be able to layout the Tentacles in the ideal location. She’s extremely strong in places narrow but fighting the Dragon Cave and Baron with the last step of the recruiting of several Beliefs Needs an enemy.

When the team gathered a total war, Illaoi the best players pioneering position and try launching the real Soul Challenge properly on the enemy’s position.

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