Jhin guide for League of Legends (Part two)

The way up map for Jhin:

Starting equipment for Jhin:

Make Blood, eyes, Doran Totems: the familiar equipment for the Gunners and is also the beginning of blood and damage with Jhin’s fine.

Equipped towns sent for Jhin:

As a gunner on the ability to pack more damage rather than depend heavily on guest-speed should the equipment necessary for Jhin as:

Infinity engine:

With a ratio of high network thanks to this equipment releases and damage a large plus will help Jhin can accrue damage on target extremely terrible.
Scythe Soul: the index of damage and releases the network from this equipment is very fine with Jhin. In particular, it is likely to reduce recovery time Zhao based on the technique of network releases from other sources help Jhin can continuously test skills with energy is recovered.
Cannons Link bar: this is essential equipment for the additional ability Jhin reach for him when the area of incremental point enough to help better position in Jhin fighting.

Shoes for Jhin:

Enlightenment: shoes With an important guest as speed no Jhin does not need up Rage, Shoes with shoe Enlightenment you can use continuous skills than with 10% off time Zhao Hui.

The complete equipment for Jhin:

The following is the complete equipment orientation for Jhin:
Equipment for automatic defragmentation of damage capability with Jhin’s most powerful.
Statikk Electric Knife: A supplementary rate releases equipped network and damage the well for Jhin when has enough points.
Make Ma Youmuu: with damage plus large, armor-piercing capability, reduced recovery time. Especially when activated equipment will receive the amount of motion speed and typing bunch.
Mercury: knife equipped can say is just the comprehensive player when that it for big damage index likely bleed and the amount of resistance to allow relative. The strong point on this page is when the trigger could be the adverse effect extremely useful with a gunner.
Cross lines: this is a defense that the gunner is usually right up when that enemy team has the major surprise bearing post as Malphite, … avoid the cases stress damage to death but has yet to do anything for the team.
Borders Angel: When you pause does not know should any defensive equipment up for storage when the physical damage opponents too strong and damage medium format not allowed. Should select the right borders angels to supplement both the borders and allow resistance to inexpensive. Especially the ability to resurrect help you can live more of fighting in dai.


Jhin’s enemies and comrades:
Jhin’s team:
The generals have the ability to control multiple and underwrite good team is good for Jhin can cause damage.
Jhin’s enemies:
The generals to maneuver easily evade the skills of Jhin, additionally Jhin back been fear.

How to play how Jhin for efficiency:

How to play the first match: Jhin
-A general gunner special quite similar Graves when to reload every 4 shot.
-Loading long so please try to keep the ammo to last hit the soldiers. Always note how much, should last students priority for opponents because certainly releases network.
-Can use Grenades to dance (Q) to eat from far or in the head. Or can the blood of opponents if he’s behind the soldiers.
-Latest available Art Pitfalls traps (E) in the way of the enemy and call people to go gank forest, be added the dead Stroke (W) to immobilize the enemy in the explosion.
-Can the same people support the law up with: > goal markers often Hitting Stroke Death (W) to immobilize the enemy.

How to play battle between Jhin:

-Try not to take too many soldiers to complete the index are the towns of Jhin equipped.
-Can also set the (E) art-Pitfalls in the places people go hostile or walk through forests or is the Dragon Cave, baron to control visibility.
-With the stage (R) can use up the enemy fled because of the extreme range. But it should not use too close to the enemy causing Jhin became prey to the contrary.

How to play last match: Jhin

-At this stage then Jhin has 2 gameplay:

+ Traveling with the team, holding the position and discharge damage, set the traps to a blood weak targets domestic violence team. Close Path Death (W) on the target was marked to immobilize. Grenade Dancing (Q) try to damage, to the point that the enemy started to run, then was perfect at Jhin Whisper guns to shoot the enemy left.
+ Or can open with Zhao Jhin main stage (R) to get blood enemies before, making it hard for first-line of them cannot come to open conflict, which fled difficult. When used the last Zhao then Jhin can still contribute a lot in fighting.

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