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After that a series of mysterious video, in turn, appeared, new General Jhin has also appeared on the PBE server to test players. Jhin initially appears to be much opposition and decry the death Artist, has yet to appear in the official server to give us new experiences, just show up. As such, there are many questions revolving around “the gunner in LoL”. So how can a clear grasp of the power of Jhin? The answer will have the following articles how to play Jhin Gunners season 6-up map Jhin AD season 6 right here!


Whisper (internal):
Dead in the four Muslim-shooting speed of fixed Jhin and shoot 4 times then have to reload again. The fourth member was always causing lethal and more damage equivalent to 15-25% of the target’s lost blood.
On Each Moment-ratio of the Lethal and the speed of him plus very special mechanism:
Increased Physical damage X [(2-40 based on level) + (40% of the rate of Network Magazine) + (25% Guest Speed Plus)% of Physical Damage).
Reduced (150%) of the lethal blow of damage but a 10% increase (+ 50% Guest Speed Plus) moving speed for 2 seconds.

Grenade Dancing (Q):
Consumption: 30/35/40/45/50 energy.
Zhao Hui time: 7/6.5/5.5/6, 5 seconds.
Jhin throw grenades into the enemy caused 60/85/110/135/160 (+ 30/35/40/45/50% AD) (+ 60%) physical damage before bouncing more the goals yet to stick to.
Dancing bouncing grenades up to 4 times. Every goal this grenade kill, the damage will increase 35% into the goal behind.

Stroke Death (W):
Attrition: 50/60/70/80/90.
Zhao Hui time: 14 seconds.
Jhin fired a gunshot very far distance and stopped if hit by enemy General, cause 50/85/120/160/190 (+ 70% AD) physical damage. The unit on the bullets only got 65% damage.
If one was honest enemy generals usually, Shower Trap in 4 seconds will cause the enemy tied legs 0.75/1/1.25/1.50/1.75 seconds and movement speed amounts increase for Jhin.

Pitfalls Of Art (E):
Attrition: 40/45/50/55/60 energy.
Zhao Hui time: 2 seconds.
Jhin stealth Shower Traps set on the specified target, can survive today and activate if the enemy General piece, expose for 4 seconds.
When stepped on, the trap will create a Department, 35% slow target in it, after 2 seconds to explode, causing 15/75/135/190/255 (+ 130% AD) (+ 100% AP) damage spells (only cause 65% damage up soldiers and monsters).
Each of the 28/27/24/25/26 seconds, Jhin can create a new trap and have up to two at a time.
The complete death of America-When zapping the enemy General, automatic Shower Traps appear and explode right at that location.

Theatre Of Death (R):
Attrition: 100 energy.
Zhao Hui time: 120/105/90 seconds.
Jhin to perfect weapons, allowing the shot 4 play range according to the cone. Shot stop if hit by enemy General, slowing the target to go 80% in 0.75 seconds and caused 50/125/200 (+ 25% AD) physical damage, an increase of 2% for each 1% of target’s lost blood. Fourth sure releases and network to 200% damage.
If canceled early, recovery of the time of death will be revert back to 10% corresponds to each bullet.


Jhin Supplementary  gems:
Physical damage plus straight for Jhin.
Borders help him more sturdy when confronted with enemy Gunners.
Resistance allows for resistant when confronted with the wizard.
Physical damage plus straight.

Auxiliary tables for Jhin:
18-0-12: Supplementary Tables for Jhin with a possibility of damage as well as projecting a bit resistant.

How to increase skills for Jhin:

Grenade (Q) is Dancing skill damage of Jhin should first upgrade needed for maximum, followed by the Path of the dead (W) to have more skills Jhin damage from far away. Pitfalls of art skills (E) only get 1 point in front of lv6 to set traps and in combination with other techniques and maximum lifting, at last, Zhao of the stage (R) (R) you get the correct level.

Allow Plugins for Jhin:
Feedback: The Speed of the blood, allowing support for current Gunners and Jhin is no exception.

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