Machu Picchu-wonders of the world still many mysteries

The mysterious city of Machu Picchu is located in the Peru country carries many of the mysteries of the Inca civilization.

Machu Picchu is an ancient city that has been built between the Andes and the Amazon rainforest in Peru. Like a puzzle piece of forgotten history, until in 1911, the city of Machu Pichu was discovered recently and fortunately it retains good status with many ruins of the Incas left.

Archaeological evidence plus the recent studies of the early colonial texts to see Machu Picchu is not an ordinary city, which is just a resort town of the Inca nobility. Machu Picchu UNESCO has been selected as a world heritage site in 1983 and Wonderful New World Organization voted the 2007 wonders of the world.

The special thing that all visitors here are trying to make is the shadow of the mountain range behind the Machu Pichu by shadows his face identical looking skyward and Huayna Picchu (the Summit) is the nose. The ball like a bold imprint on the territory, history and makes people curious about the civilization of the Incas

The House in Inca is stone-built ground, pairing tight together tightly without mortar. Also so should every House here are uneven in size as well as shape. The rocks in the great works also with chụm hinges and connecting to earthquake-resistant, so that they may survive to this day, after many changes in its history.

Machu Picchu-wonders of the world still many mysteries

To Machu Picchu is not a simple journey. There was no means of a passenger car or train from the city to come straight here. Many travelers also choose the path of trekking from phám port Inca trails. This journey usually takes more time but also bring many experiences and happiness be to admire the beauty culture great forgotten centuries ago.

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