Notes on fitness to avoid injury

Things to note for beginner bodybuilders to have good results and avoid injury.

1. The benefits of fitness

Immediate effects that it brings will be a neat, energetic body and balance. At the same time, fitness is a way for you to “listen” to my body, comprehend and better body care.

Besides, you don’t go to the wrong gym with weightlifting subjects (the upright post who will make 2 shoulders lifting a saggy look, don’t be high than suppressive must be the development of height).

Fitness the right way and gently will help:

• Strengthen as well as speed, toughness, and stamina of the body.

• Help protect muscles and joints from injury.

• Giving you the strength and toughness, two important elements to help you win in antagonists sports.

• Helps bones stronger.

• Enhance metabolism.

• Maintain proper weight to height.

• Helps you feel more confident about your appearance.

• Free weights do stretch the muscles from the bone easily can grow further if fully loaded calcium.

2. The necessary notes when fitness

Please do sequentially according to the steps below to get a better body but safe:

Step 1. Do not get too full or too hungry stomach before training. Fitness is the sport requires the mobilization of muscle and spend quite a lot of energy so to avoid being emasculating, fainting or tired then you should eat lightly about 1.30-2 h before exercise. You should also drink about 0.5 liters of water before exercise since sweat out will better and will experience more coffee

Step 2. Search the Guide

Don’t hesitate to ask the coach or the UK, you have the seniority in the gym. They will be the best mentor guide accurate fitness movements, at the same time advise the movements would you should and should not be set.

Step 3. When the boot volume and relax at the end of

Remember to warm-up before exercise and relax after the episode. This is a sport that requires the most muscular athletes should start to heat the body like a body switch first step from static to Active status and then to lightly jog with weightlifting exercises. After the episode to avoid muscle contraction headache fatigue or pain should let loose to the body back to normal state.

Step 4. Should gently

A beginner should not imitate those who are volume or too heavy. Many of you in that I go first episode but trying to raise by who 1 years to prove to me. To be able to effectively image important not to lift heavy or light which is important for the correct movements and eating into the muscle. You shriveled face and heavy volume for a carried over, cheeks trợn anything. Important to giứ breathing, do the movements correctly and slowly, steadily. If you are feeling slightly throbbing and burning in the muscles is correct.

Step 5. Pay attention to the movements

The exact implementation of movements amounting to 70% of your ability to succeed.

More than again, when do the right movements, you will not feel pain or muscle tension.

Notes on fitness to avoid injury

Step 6. Fitness workout mode and regular storage

If you’re new to go practice exercises 30 minutes/day, 4 to 5 days per week in early March. Should set aside a day to rest for muscle relaxation and comfortable due to continuous strong Stadium. From 3-6 months you can upgrade to 1 h/day and from 6-12 months is
1.30. Those sets of 1-2 years should be set at least 1h30-2h/day and 3-4 days per week should not set too much if don’t have permission to athletes in fitness or intend to join.

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