Selection Akali “super killer” midline position

LoL: Akali selection Handbook “Super killer” location of the midline. Join LoL  learn about the true power of one of the most powerful assassins LoL through the article below.

After a series of power increases from the Riot, Akali-one of the most powerful assassins sank into oblivion. The most recent times can see her way between is when? With the ratio of the chosen finishing 2.59%, Akali was the lowest selection rate assassin LoL.

So what reasons caused the Akali ” gloomy” to that? She is not a bit weak General would ensure that. Hard to play? Akali no skills oriented, single target. Although her name is right Tuesday selection, but the reason why she was out of sight of players, that was the effect. So, in the following article will help you, the reader has been and will practice the most effective Akali.

How to play

Supplementary  gems

Red turquoise: 9 armor/resistance.
Jade Gold: 9 borders.
Emerald Green: 9 next resistance level.
Amethyst: 3 magic power.

Supplementary tables

With every assassin there, Italy’s only Thunder’s top choices. The points below can increase according to its gameplay.
Allow plugins
Variable speed and the burn is always a choice for all assassins. However can also use dish-Ioana, if the line between the discomfort.


Certainly, the killer Mark (Q) is the maximum increase skills first, as it is for Akali assassination targets of damage. Sickle dance (E), no skills are interested very much, in addition, is the machine-internal energy, but will increase for Akali damage, reduce recovery time Zhao by level, so we are reluctant to increase Monday. Smoke bomb (W) and Darkness (R) please raise the correct level.

The basic equipment of damage, with good recovery ability

With the Engine starting, Hextech Akali Guns easily killing the target, by likely slow, recovery, in particular, the amount of damage “hybrid”. Next equipment purchase can be Parallel Engines Woes and Sand, to help add some resistant in the fighting. Witch Hat will become indispensable to you as legal counsel. The last defensive equipment makes up the customized case.

Equipment efficiency

In the higher rank, enemy players good skills, would not hesitate to buy the purple eyes to carve the Akali mode. Besides the midline is the care the most, so if purchased in advance, Hextech Gun Sword will be right down in the blink of an eye. Crystal staff  Rylai beyond slow 40% in 1.5 seconds (Making the gun Hextech 2 seconds), also for the amount of blood to the hand with the opponent.
Next is equipped with Parallel Engine Woes + Sterak Claws, in addition to the ability to pack and resistant to damage, 2 fitted this is duplicate post pair, when increasing damage to the basic physics, things are not fitted. Eventually Blood Engines, armed attacks but defended again. In addition, it generates armor, blood engines can combine well with the internal Song technology, has just allowed blood, has been both the blood and damage.

The way to play each stage

The beginning of the battle

One of the reasons why players don’t like Akali, does not like to play or do feel difficult, due to her weak at this stage. Of course, she is an assassin, short sleeve, so at the moment cannot exert its strength.
The focus is the most important thing
But not to belittle the opposition Akali so easy. The case against the general structure rỉa shaman, Akali has little Bulgarian sides. But for the early close as General Fizz, Yasuo, Zed … unknown “cat would bite the mỉu.” The amount of damage triggered Killer Mark (Q) in addition to damage, physical damage plus also thanks to a technique, so the enemy feels “shock” damage if the subjective.

Between the battle

This is the “feed” at Akali best. Upon reaching level 6, can any rival win that she likes, that even the other assassins, generals or rỉa Configuration Wizard, with only the small tips?
When Akali reached level 6, is at Killer Mark (Q) level 3, and 5 seconds of recovery. Throw the killer Mark (Q), then wait for this skill is complete, use the Dance of darkness (R) to reach, often then continue to activate the second Assassin Mark. If successful, ensure the assassin as Zed hardly stand this huge damage.

The end of battle

If the basic direction fitted up, first stage powerful Akali and between major damage with contrast, the amount of blood is pretty thin, so that the last phase of the battle, Hextech Gun Sword, it does not throw help much in fighting. If equipped, effective direction up Akali moderate damage, resistant, to the excellent surfing in this period.
With the amount of blood 3000, Akali easily beat the enemy as the enemy gunner when going from 1, 2, or even beat them both. However should not take advantage of that, “Tiger”, by the power of the promotion only Akali fighting chaos, when the excellent surf team before, creating space Akali round out to knock down the opponent.

The conclusion

As has been said, this article is for people who have, are and will want to play the Akali was better. Although many strength-reduction, but the potential damage in she didn’t disappear. So, want to develop this ability, should have the same skill level.


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