Suitable diet when training fitness

Fitness just works out according to the standards of the muscles at the same time work according to the criteria of the beauty of sport.

Fitness is perfect, fit, balance. Other than the bodybuilder only exercise the muscles, fitness center on the standard curve on a woman’s body with energetic, fresh and young.

Born in the seventies of the last century in Western countries, fitness has been the world bodybuilding Federation brought into the competition several years ago.

Many Nations have classified the sport into mainstream training programs to develop women’s bodybuilding subjects. The purpose of fitness is to achieve harmony between beauty and shape muscles.

To coordinate well in fitness, health, muscle, skeleton, we should note a balanced diet, providing enough energy for the body. Determining energy demand is essential both for the obese or too skinny.

The previous opinion that too skinny to eat than necessary increases will gain weight quickly, but science today has indicated that eating too redundant in comparison with body needs will create these harmful substances in the process of metabolism such as hyperglycemia, increased blood fat, and increase the product carbon dioxide.

So, depending on specific characteristics (weight, height, age, work) that we have the diet nutrition and sensible enough. To have the ideal weight, you can consult the most simple recipe is to get the height in centimeters minus 100, and then retrieved 9/10 of that number.

For example, a person 160 cm. high minus 100 60. Retrieved 9/10 of the 60 ‘s is 54. The weight should be is 54 kg. Rational nutrition is the balanced diet to ensure an adequate supply of energy, vitamins, and minerals. Therefore, we do not eat too many starchy substances such as rice, noodles, especially should limit road.

To provide the amount of protein, eating lean seafood dishes such as anchovies, crabs are prepared by cleaning, boil, Grill, remove the microwave oven. We can eat small shrimp in shellfish, poached quinces bones … to increase the amount of calcium is absorbed, in addition, we should make a habit of drinking milk daily.

This is one of the most comprehensive food has enough chemical composition and nutritional value. In the episode time fitness, to avoid excess cholesterol, people should eat more plant protein, especially tofu. Science has proven the soybean roots food does not affect the gender.

In addition, we need to eat all the fat and oil, with people who want to keep or lose weight should only have a fried dish (only used 3-4 ml oil/grease/day) and the other object can two fatty dishes daily.

Group vegetables need to be a daily supplement to make up water and minerals lost during exercise. Should eat more vegetables to provide more fiber, vitamins, essential elements: K, Mg, Zn, Cu, Fe, Se, … stimulates peristalsis, avoid constipation, and reduce the oxidation process.

Some foods have antioxidant effects are sprouting, vegetable oil, carrots, pumpkin, ripe papaya, Momordica, sweet vegetables, spinach, cabbage … In practice, we need to further enhance the number of drinking water and can drink orange juice, lime juice, lemon salt, fresh coconut water … after workouts, which help the body balance of water and electrolytes.

The occasional limb aches, pain, or cramps, it is a sign of calcium deficiency, if continued practice would be very dangerous. So, we need additional waves of calcium and vitamin D in the form of tablets multi micro in 2-3 week/times.

Note, the need to drink lots of water during this time to increase the amount of absorption and avoid nervous urinary tract stones condensate. It is best to follow the doctor’s single supplement. When did most of the signs are a pain, you can file 1 day? Should reduce the amount of sugar and salt in their meals to avoid diseases related to cystic fibrosis and cardiovascular circuit.

Suitable diet when training fitness

The above analysis shows no food would be comprehensive. The diet balanced, sensible exercise regime will help you get a healthy, toned body and ideal.

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