The expression when the body lacks vitamin

Fatigue, loss of appetite, blurred vision can be caused by lack of vitamins. You can be based on the symptoms of the body to find additional sources of food.

Vitamin A deficiency: When you suffer from acne, famous hair, fatigue, insomnia, blurred on the night. Reduced sense of taste, prone to inflammation.

To remedy this, additional sources should vitamin A in foods: cod liver oil, liver, carrots, vegetables, dark green, eggs, dairy products or fruits have yellow Peel.

Vitamin B1: With no symptoms, diarrhea, poor circulation, anxiety, should use the vitamin B1 rich foods such as grain, wheat, oats, pork, liver, heart.

Vitamin B2: prone to mouth ulcers, sores, fatigue, lip color and hair dry. Should eat foods rich in vitamin B2 as green leafy vegetables, liver, kidneys, milk, eggs, and fish.

Vitamin B6: expression does hair loss, acne, eye redness, blurred vision, fatigue, slow, slow wound healing. You can find additional sources of B6 from kidney, soy, cabbage, eggs, peanut …

Vitamin B12: the expression of a headache, loss of appetite, short breath, constipation, poor concentration, or forgotten. Foods rich in vitamin B12 are in the liver, beef, eggs, cheese, milk, kidney.

Vitamin C: gums more susceptible to bleeding, depression, joint pain, skin hematoma, long teeth, slow wound healing. Can find sources of vitamin supplements in lemon, Orange, tomato, potato flowers.

Vitamin D: deficiency: burning sensation in the throat, mouth, much sweating, diarrhea, insomnia, nervousness. Vitamin D rich foods are the cod liver oil, salmon, mackerel, herring and dairy.

Vitamin E: expression through reflex deviance, mood swings, lack of rhythmic moving eyes, dry skin, bulging where the feet. Vitamin E can be found in the wheat, oil wealth, leaves, soybeans, grains of all kinds.

The expression when the body lacks vitamin

Lack of vitamin K: what does nose bleeds, hiccups in the coagulation in wounds, diarrhea. The food can supplement vitamin K source is soy, fish liver oil, yogurt, egg yolks, leaf.

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