What is fitness?

Body Fitness as a form of new competition, in order to meet the needs of those with the beautiful body without obeying the way of fitness disciplines (body building). Body Fitness emphasis on aesthetic beauty and harmony of the body muscles. That does not mean that body building is rough but just bad hobby purpose different workout. The sports scientist has put out seven factors to evaluate a person called fitness, attached is the form of corresponding exercises.



-The training element Is the foundation that any student would start Fitness must undergo.
-This exercise aims to improve and enhance the movement and balance.
-On the other hand, it also contributes in the burning excessive fat and firming of the abdomen, back, thighs and hips (the center of muscle groups).


-Be the system of exercises aimed at improving and enhancing the cardiovascular system and the respiratory system, helps people have a healthy heart.
-Cardiovascular exercise helps push the heart rate level set up the limit appropriate to tolerates the ability to withstand multiple high pressure from work and life or avoid those cases trouble to breathe.
-In addition, it is a method of energy efficiency.


-Be the key element to help the train reached the best results.
-Help increase the ability of the nervous system control over the group.
-The exercises require coordination between the Group of the central body (the abdomen-back-waist-thigh) with other muscle groups of the body which helps firming and reducing excessive fat.
-Help the body improve the posture and stabilizes the joints in an optimal way.
-Elements of this training also help the body burn very high energy in a short time.


-Be the system of exercises to work out the possibility of supple, stretch the muscle group.
-Help the body improve the ability to move.
-Reduce the risk of injury.
-Increasing the flow of blood to the muscle group.
-Improve the body circulation.
-Alleviate back pain and other muscles.


-Be the system of exercises aimed at improving and developing the speed of the body or a specific muscle group.
-Helps the body become flexible and agile than the effective implementation of all activities is not the focus of daily activities.


-Be the system of exercises in order to improve and enhance the response of the muscle.
-Help for the communication between the nervous system and mobilization with the muscle groups involved in lobbying for a quick and powerful.


-Be a system of exercises practiced stamina or resistance to improve the specific defects on the body.
-Have good effect in improving the cardiovascular system and improve the physiology.
-Help reduce excessive fat, muscle development and increase your metabolism.
-Precise coordination with balancing exercises will help to provide optimal results for the body.
-Helps the body burn on energy efficient long.